New generation surface treatment technology

Last solution against asthma

Asthma or any other respiratory diseas makes your child's life harder? You can get rid of the bacterium and viruses for 5 years. Learn more about it.

Hygienic coating

Hygienic and clear environment in your institute,even in your hospital rooms.  Prevention of infectious disease with hygiene coating. Let's see!

Self-cleaning coatings

You can forget to clean the building if you treat the facade with self-cleaning coating. Clear walls and windows for years!

Nanotechnology coatings

Why would your car need nanotechnology? Because nanotechnology, inspired by nature, will protect the treated surface for years, conserving the brilliance of the polish of your car.

Solar panel coatings

Increasing the efficiency of solar panels with the help of nanotechnology! After only one treatment you can enjoy the benefits of its self-cleaning effect for years. How is it possible?

Anti-graffiti coatings

Be one step ahead of vandals! Our coating can protect buildings and vehicles from vandalism. Learn more!

Akciós termékünk
NB2209 beltéri légtisz-
Asztma és allergia ellen!
nológiás csomag autók kezelésére!
Bevezető ár: 39.000 Ft
Akciós termékünk
NB1206 100ml autóüveg bevonat
2 gépjármű teljes üvegfelületére!